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YeuXe Social network

The place gathers people who have a passion for vehicles with space to interact with each other in cyberspace.The place is reserved for car lovers to share and exchange experiences about vehicles.

Yeu Car

For many of us, a car isn't just a big thing. It is a machine, a mixed block of metal, plastic and glass. I can't find a good reason to build a bond. Washing machines or lawn mowers also have almost the same component, however, only cars are really attached to each person. Other machines in our lives are not so much needed, but cars exist at a higher level. They become companions, a reliable ally no matter where we go. There are people who don't know anything about cars, but they're more than capable of telling about the car that passed the driver's license test with them, their first car, what their wedding car was. In Vietnam, the car-loving community is increasingly joined and expanded by more and more people. In order to connect people with the same passion, Yeu Xe social network was born to provide information related to cars.  


What is Yeu Xe social network?

Yeu Xe website is a playground for all Yeu Xe members from American, Japanese, Korean cars to Vietnamese vehicles, ...

Here you can take pictures showing off updates, unique photo sets or send questions and articles about your favorite car.

With the desire to exchange experiences about modern cars to classic cars, Yeu Xe released a version of several pages as follows:

1. Vietnam Automobile Community: 

2. Group exchange information on facebook:

 At Yeu Xe's website, which is full of information about the vehicles, people can also easily track or search for ongoing events about the car to participate in. 

If you are a beginner learning to drive, prepare to learn to drive or the steering wheel is weak, then Yeu Xe will give you all the experience and knowledge needed when driving, maintaining, and using the car .

When interested in a car company, just choose the name of the company in the car manufacturer section. There will give you all the information about the car, events, specifications, launch time,... About the car company you care about. This is very convenient because you do not need to spend a lot of time looking up information on the network of each category.

What people who have a passion for cars have the most often interested in is commenting, evaluating the car. Yeu Xe is a social network with many participants so there will be a lot of comments for you to refer to. People can freely make their comments and comments about the vehicles to exchange and interact with other users. 

Services provided by Yeu Xe

  • Information about car manufacturers

  • Share experiences in car, driving and vehicle maintenance.

  • Provide information related to upcoming events of car manufacturers.

  • Post date, car launch event

  • Advice, supporting questions about the car

  • Exchange, learn useful knowledge about the car. 

Yeu Xe is committed to providing the most authentic and reliable information in the domestic and international automotive market, ensuring maximum support in selecting and finding the right car.

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