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BHmarket E-commerce

The supply of cosmetic pharmaceuticals is large and new prestige. International standard system, access to advanced and modern medical services. Bringing customers safe cosmetics, wholesale prices, fast delivery


Through 4 outbreaks, the demand for medicines and functional foods has never been greater than it is now. The drug is almost unpretentious but functional foods, vitamins are sold at "heavenly" prices. In order to ensure a stable market and people have enough medicines, buy drugs at reasonable prices, ensure health, BHmarket has launched a wholesale e-commerce platform, with reasonable prices, suitable for everyone. 


BHmarket is one of the startups in the field of health and health services technology.

Currently, BHmarket is a platform consisting of websites and mobile applications that supply and distribute medicines and pharmaceuticals to more than 1,000 pharmacies and clinics across Vietnam, and BHmarket is gradually expanding its drug and pharmaceutical distribution network to countries in the region.

When making a purchase at BHmarket, customers will not worry about price and shipping issues because integrated many delivery houses can also easily look up orders. Asking questions vwf the relevant information, customers can directly message the website, will be supported and answered all.  

With the seller, not only has the ideal sales space but will be supported with the sales program and the goods management system, helping the seller understand the number of goods in the warehouse, the amount of inventory to have the most effective sales plan. 


In the future, BHmarket aims to not only help develop the health system in Vietnam but also as a platform to modernize traditional distribution channels.

In the current distribution chain, there are already many different businesses, individuals and organizations involved in our distribution chain.

With this vision, we gradually changed the long-standing distribution channels, helping to improve the quality of health to all regions to maintain the quality of life.


Apply maximum technology to create a model to solve medical problems quickly, effectively and high quality.

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