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Sieu Pay

Pay with Sieu Pay - a fast, convenient and safe electronic payment gateway. "Customers just need to shop, pay, let Sieu Pay take care of it."

Sieu pay

With the strong development of industry 4. 0 followed the very strong development of the e-commerce industry. Not only do online purchases become popular but online payment services are also popular. In particular, electronic wallets get a lot of interest. By the convenience of this form of payment.

So almost all businesses, individuals need to integrate electronic wallets into business, sales. Just helping to make quick payment conditions for customers, as great competition tools with competitors.

Sieu Pay

Sieu Pay is an internal electronic wallet platform for online payment services. To serve online payment needs for products and services at the floor. The best service of the Vietnamese people. We were built and developed for the purpose of using new digital solutions, making payments quickly and easily.

Sieu pay - quick, safe

Tms holdings with more than 13 years of experience in software design has created super - pay with the desire to provide an online payment service and convenience for customers. At the same time, creating conditions for business owners is easier in managing customer payments. From there, creating a connection between customers. We take advantage of the bộ in tms' multi - sectoral ecosystem, combine the technology in technology with marketing, utility, and human resources to provide online payment platforms for users with fastest and fastest processing capabilities.

The idea of creating Sieu Pay is to simplify the payment method when shopping, replace cash, to give consumers a quick checkout port, easy, easy use. In particular, the customer information will be classified by 100%, when buying at the floor of the supermarket floor of the supermarket and payment by Sieu Pay customers will be favored by many codes, shopping and safety. 

Sieu Pay functions

Is where customers can pay online costs quickly and easily, ensuring information security for users. With modern technology creating a payment space all the time, everywhere. Consistent with consumer shopping needs.

  • Transfer money

  • Take the money

  • Invoice payment

  • Storing money on internet space

  • Payment of online shopping products / services

  • Get online transaction information at the website

  • Transaction result notification

Who likes to use Sieu Pay ?

Sieu Pay provides comprehensive solutions, multi - channel billing services. Create your life' s extensions, match the quick changes of the market, meet the needs of the service users.

From organizations, large enterprises to individuals using internet networks can participate, register online payment services in sieupay. vn.

We are constantly changing, adapting and further efforts to become a convenient online payment platform, fast, strong, and vietnam' s top reputation.

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