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Sieu Work

Sieu Work provides comprehensive solutions to make it easier to find work, minimizing the unemployment rate in Vietnam.

Sieu Work

After 2 years of covid-19 epidemic, the impact is not small socio-economic, everything is almost "frozen", many small and medium enterprises can not hang on, so the number of unemployed people increases, causing the job market to be disrupted and unstable. However, entering 2022 with the adaptation in epidemic prevention, the economy gradually stabilized, many industries need to recruit jobs. Therefore, TMS has created Sieu Work that wishes to reduce the pressure of the new era, not to waste resources. 

 Sieu work - job search news site

Sieu Work is one of the websites that TMS founded and managed. Created when Vietnam is in the process of recovery, the demand for jobs is high to help the unemployed find jobs, helping businesses find vacant personnel after a long period of difficulties because of the epidemic. Create a bridge between candidates and recruiters. Open up a fast, reputable, quality job search address. It is desirable to minimize the number of unemployed people of working age. 

When an employer or candidate posts on his or her own website, it will be automatically uploaded to the Sieu page, which will help the information get closer to the candidate or employer, the search is shortened, easier and faster. 

Leveraging the multidisciplinary assimilation of TMS, combining the strengths of technology, marketing, utilities we bring a new space dedicated to job search to ensure safety, security, fast and easy. 

The function of Sieu Work

Where users can create their own website on free job search and recruitment, the bridge of business and candidates.

  •   Consulting, website design Search and recruitment for free.

  •   Posting full-time, parttime, employee, internship job vacancies,...

  •   Post job search information in all professions, all positions.

  •   Post job news .

  •   Screening candidate profiles .

Reasons to choose Sieu Work when looking for a job, find candidates. 

Sieu Work is part of the Sieu San ecosystem project, which is closely linked to each other so Sieu Work provides comprehensive solutions, synchronizes published stories, easily manages, reaches many people. We are always learning, absorbing, constantly striving to become a big and prestigious job search news site in Vietnam.


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