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Sieu Stay

In response to the increasing demand for travel, expensive, difficult to book accommodations we have created a new solution to help customers have the best travel experience with the ideal accommodation at Sieu Stay.

Sieu Stay

Tourism is considered as a smokeless tourism industry, becoming a key economic sector of many countries and regions in the world. Vietnam is also not out, with a country with many beautiful and majestic landscapes, our country is increasingly expanding entertainment and dining services to promote domestic tourism. At the same time, there are also many types of accommodation that are opened to serve the sleeping needs of tourists. Currently, tourists often book on the app, website before going to the tourist destination instead of renting the traditional way as before. Firstly, it is more convenient, less time-consuming that can know the room is suitable for your finances. Secondly, with the traditional way of renting rooms, it will be difficult to rent rooms because in the peak tourist season, hotels, motels, homestays will run out of rooms because guests have booked the calendar in advance online. Understanding this issue, TMS has created a website to help tourists find accommodations for their destinations in

What is Sieu Stay?

Sieu Stay is an intermediary platform that provides travel and accommodation services online, connecting visitors with millions of great stops, fun, resorts. Use technology to help users eliminate annoyances and anxieties when traveling or working.

Sieu Stay makes it easy for hotels, resorts, apartments, villas, homestays and travel companies across Vietnam to connect with domestic and foreign customers. Meet a variety of accommodation and travel needs on the same platform, bring customers unforgettable experiences and help businesses have effective business solutions through the Internet.

As with other websites when you post your accommodation service on your own website, it will automatically be put on the big site We leverage the synchronization in TMS Holdings' multidisciplinary ecosystem, combining the strengths of Technology with Marketing, Accommodation and People to bring the online travel and accommodation service platform to the most reliable and fast users today.

The services Sieu Stay offers

Sieu Stay is an intermediary place to connect businesses and individuals to provide accommodation and utilities tourism services to users with high needs, prestige and quality.

  • Consulting and designing seo standard hotel and resort website.

  • Post advertisements, banners on SieuSTAY.VN .

  • Post information about the accommodation services of hotels, resorts, homestays, villas, apartments, private houses.

  • Post information about the tour. Admin page for businesses and individuals providing services: create profiles to promote businesses, create and manage news about accommodation - tourism services, create a list of products and services,... 

  • Membership page for users: see information about hotels, travel packages, save and track accommodation, travel packages suitable for needs, reservations, payments to keep rooms,...

We are still improving to become a travel solution for every customer. Sieu Stay provides comprehensive and multi-channel solutions for accommodation and tour services, in line with the rapid change of the market, meeting the needs of service users.


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