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Sieu Service

Sieu Service - provides all utilities, making life easier and more comfortable.

What is Sieu Service?

Sieu Service is an online platform that provides a synthesis of essential utilities such as education, health care, beauty, legal, home,... Fully serve the life needs of the Vietnamese people. We are built and developed for the purpose of using new digital technology solutions, helping businesses optimize costs and become a companion in all aspects of life with Vietnamese people. It is an intermediary that connects millions of service providers in all aspects of their lives with those who need to use it on just one website. 


Sieu Service - Utilities for Life 

Sieu Service is a platform that provides all services in education, health, banking, insurance, aesthetics, aviation, dining,... help customers not spend a lot of time registering, booking, buying tickets in the traditional way.  Businesses such as hairdressers, spas, dentistry, clinics, consulting firms and lawyers,... It usually relies on appointments to provide services. Sometimes in the process of operation you can not manage the number of customers, sometimes there are too many customers waiting, sometimes there are no customers, making your service process not perfect. To optimize the service process, save time and effort you need to have an appointment booking software for customers. Scheduling online appointments gives customers more freedom. Customers can make an appointment to use the service and any time they have free time, book in advance any hours of the day, and easily reschedule when there is a change. Having multiple forms of appointments will help increase the comfort of guests.  Since Sieu Service is software in the ecosystem created by TMS, as long as your service is posted on its own website, the service will automatically be pushed to the big page SieuService. Com. The service can be seen and noticed by more customers, businesses / individuals do not waste time for management and arrangement because all are used technology to synchronize. 

Sieu Service products/services offered

Sieu Service is an intermediary place to connect businesses and individuals providing services and utilities with users with high needs, prestige and quality for Vietnamese people.

  • Consulting, website design.

  • Post ads and banners on Sieu Service.

  • Post information about services, solutions, utilities on Sieu Service.

  • Admin page for businesses and individuals providing services: create profiles to promote businesses, create product and service categories, create and manage posts, recruitment news, ... 

  • The corner to share knowledge, experiences, tips,...

Who is suitable to participate in the Sieu Service e-commerce platform ?

Sieu Service provides comprehensive, multi-channel solutions for utility services in life, suitable for the rapid change of the market, meeting the needs of service users. From large organizations and businesses to individuals doing business in services, they can participate in the Sieu Service system.  We are constantly changing, adapting and making more efforts to become an online platform connecting service traders with leading users in Vietnam.


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