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Sieu Ship

Sieu Ship transports fast, strict delivery standards, ensuring all orders are delivered to the best and reasonable costs.

Sieu ship

Prior to the strong development of the e - commerce market in general and online trading, it has asked the development of the transport sector. Delivery of goods has become an essential need for most people. Playing is extremely important not  just in business but in life. So, sieu ship was born to meet the demand for consumer goods.

What is Sieu Ship?

The starting point of Sieu Ship is a one-member unit of TMS HOLDINGS Group - the leading Technology - Service Group in Vietnam. Up to now, Sieu Ship has grown to become the leader in the professional shipping field of the TMS e-commerce platform ecosystem.

Sieu Ship inherits and promotes the modern technology platform from TMS Group and helps connect millions of consumers with business partners across the country.

Born to solve the difficulties and challenges of technology accessibility, high unemployment rate and low customer satisfaction with shipping units in Vietnam. From there, come up with solutions to effectively improve and simplify the daily lives of Vietnamese people.

We were born to support the transportation of goods from the system of e-commerce platforms of TMS, linking and complementing each other to bring the most satisfaction to customers. Simplify the shipping problem, reduce the pressure on finding a shipping unit for businesses/individuals doing business on the e-commerce platform.


We carry the ambition and determination to become a leader in reputable, professional shipping solutions and a reliable destination for all sellers in Viet Nam.

Super Ship always strives to bring the best solution to solve the common difficulties of all businesses/individuals selling and consumers. Thereby, helping to improve and enhance the quality of life of millions of Vietnamese people. In order to bring absolute satisfaction to partners - customers, employees, owners and social community.

With customer partners

We apply the most modern technology platform to maximize processing speed and simplify business operations. Along with a team of professional staff ready to listen and understand. Sieu Ship is confident to bring maximum satisfaction to customers when using the service.

With consumers

Protecting the interests of consumers is always a top factor that we care about, Sieu Ship offers a fast, safe delivery experience and meets the strict requirements of consumers.

With staff

At Sieu Ship, employees can work in a dynamic, creative and humane environment. We always consider employees as the most valuable asset of the business.

Services of Sieu Ship

Sieu Ship is a fast and reliable on-demand delivery address that effectively supports your business.

TMS is developing 3 basic delivery services:

Express delivery service: Shipping time from 2-4 hours.

Super fast delivery service: Shipping time is from 2-4 days.

Super standard delivery service: Shipping time is 4-6 days. 

The benefits of Sieu Ship

1. Professional delivery

Sieu Ship's Shippers have been trained in manners, attitudes and how to take care and deliver goods to customers in a methodical manner.

Dedicated customer care staff, always ready to listen and understand the wishes and needs of customers. 

2. Easy connection

Nationwide delivery service and connection with e-commerce platforms belonging to the leading inner city TMS HOLDINGS ecosystem with a variety of packages: Super Speed, Super Cheap, 4H, Dong Price, Near Delivery to help you order delivery Fast delivery all over the country.

3. Ready to serve

Shipper team is ready to serve customers from 8am to 10pm, regardless of rain or shine, holidays and New Year.

4. Optimal cost

Optimizing the path helps to cut costs. 100% free of surcharge when the collection rate is less than 2,000,000 VND (with Super Speed, Dong Price service). Free return when the order is not successful.

5. Absolutely safe

The way for customers to protect themselves when encountering fake, bogus orders is that there will not be a correct bill of lading code for the order purchased, so customers need to be careful, carefully check the information before receiving the goods. payment confirmation.

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