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Siêu Sàn E-commerce

The desire to give customers a shopping address for all the products and services you are looking for. This is also an opportunity for retailers and businesses to easily reach their target customers in a large "ecosystem".


Chonhagiau E-commerce

The place provides products created from well-known brands in Vietnam and around the world, ensuring origin and quality.


DVN E-commerce

The new e-commerce platform takes consumers to a new, prestigious, quality, fast- and reputable place to buy.


BHmarket E-commerce

The supply of cosmetic pharmaceuticals is large and new prestige. International standard system, access to advanced and modern medical services. Bringing customers safe cosmetics, wholesale prices, fast delivery


Mobiphone sim connection system

The desire to bring new experiences, improve the quality to experience high-speed Internet from 4G sims.


Hsskdtthanhba hospital management application website software

The website simplifies and quickly resolves medical records and related procedures. Patients through the website can also go to look up and monitor the condition of themselves and their families.


YeuXe Social network

The place gathers people who have a passion for vehicles with space to interact with each other in cyberspace.The place is reserved for car lovers to share and exchange experiences about vehicles.


Portal of the Party Committee of Ha Tinh Province

Portal on all situations and events in Ha Tinh Province. Help people grasp the news given by the Party Committee of Ha Tinh province, through which the people can also give opinions - contribute to the issues to be solved, from which the Party Committee promptly solves, Ensuring the legitimate...


New rural web portal in Ha Tinh Province

For domestic and foreign citizens wishing to find out information about the process of building new rural areas in Ha Tinh. The news site provides fast and official news.


Portal of the Department of Internal Affairs of Quang Tri Province

Project link:


Portal of Da Nang Center for Disease Control

Project link:  


Portal of Nghe An Center for Disease Control

Project link:


New Ha Tinh electronic newspaper portal

The latest and most accurate information on political, social events, security and order, culture-entertainment, sports,... in Ha Tinh province will be published in the newspaper "The new Ha Tinh".


Website project of CII Infrastructure Construction Joint Stock Company

CII Infrastructure Construction Joint Stock Company together with its operating philosophy focuses on flexible and effective solutions; CII is proud to contribute to bringing a stronger, better foundation to community life.


Website project HAAS Factory Outlet - Viet Nam

Project link:

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