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Sieu Mall

The Sieu Mall offers customers an address for all products, services that you're looking for.

Sieu Mall

With the strong development of industry 4.0, the e-commerce industry has led to the remarkable development of the e-commerce industry.All online shopping has become a new trend.The increasing number of Internet users has opened up a large online shopping market worldwide in general and in Vietnam in particular.

When customers have a need for a service or product, they will tend to search for the necessary information on the Internet.Therefore, almost all businesses and individuals in all industries need to have a booth on the e-commerce floor.It both helps to affirm its own brand and is a great tool to compete with competitors.


What is Sieu Mall ?

SIEU MALL is an e-commerce platform specializing in trading a variety of items ranging from fashion,technology, food, jewelry to health care products, beauty, serve all the shopping needs of Vietnamese consumers.We are built and developed for the purpose of using new digital technology solutions, helping businesses optimize costs and expand their business. SIEU MALL is an intermediary that connects millions of sellers with Vietnamese consumers. It is the place to provide products/services according to the needs of customers. 


Sieu Mall wishes to bring customers the best business experience

More than 13 years of experience in the field of outsourcing has created Sieu with the desire to be a place to connect and develop reliable online shopping services.We use technology to bring business solutions that make life richer and easier. We leverage synchronization in the multidisciplinary ecosystem of TMS HOLDINGS, combining the strengths of Technology with Marketing,Utilities and People to bring the online service platform to serve users with the largest, fastest data source today. Products offered from business owners and individuals when uploaded to their personal websites will be synchronized to the Super Mall e-commerce platform. Create a huge number of products, bringing a lot of value to users. . Here we build and help our customers enjoy life to the fullest. 

What services does Sieu Mall offer?

Sieu Mall is both a free website design service, it is also an intermediary place to connect millions of sellers with reputable and high-quality consumers for Vietnamese people. With many superior services:

  • Consulting, website design. 

  • Post ads and banners on Sieu Mall.

  •  Post information about services and products on Sieu Mall.

  •  Sales admin page : create profiles to promote businesses, create product and service categories, create and manage posts, recruitment news, ... 

  • The corner to share knowledge, experiences, tips,...

We are constantly changing, adapting and making more efforts to become an online platform connecting between sellers and leading buyers in Vietnam.

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