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Sieu Homes

Sieu Homes real estate floor gives customers a safe and reliable address when researching and buying and selling real estate.


Real estate is a unique business due to its great value, non-fixed customer needs, making marketing costs or intermediary expenses quite high and affecting revenue. Along with that is the development of technology that makes the demand for customers' product searches through online channels constantly increase. Therefore, owning a real estate website or professional broker website is extremely useful. It will help individuals/businesses build a reputable trading environment. In addition, Website is an effective advertising tool with low cost, from which it is easy to reach, understand and satisfy potential customers. Grasp that needs Sieu Homes - Ecommerce floor real estate business has been established. 

What is Sieu Homes ?

Sieu Homes  was built and developed to provide users with a safe, easy and fast experience when learning information and buying and selling real estate. The real estate market changes continuously every day. We are born with the purpose of leveraging the strengths of technology, human intelligence creates a clean, healthy, real estate business environment that inspires a better future. Sieu Homes were built and developed entirely by Vietnamese engineers, organized by tms holdings co. and management. 

Sieu Homes aims to create an efficient, safe business market.

TMS Holdings  has more than 13 years of experience in software processing, building a super home with the desire to become the most reliable real estate technology company in vietnam.

We combine technology, real estate, marketing and human beings to create connections between people who need to buy real estate and between people who search, and experts in the industry. From there, Sieu Homes becomes an online real estate environment, healthy, useful, useful for people to look for, share information and acquire problems related to their real estate. As a real estate site, we are confident that we can help customers find real estate as expected, more optimal than searching on social media or intermediaries.

With a non - cost advantage when selling on a superhero, customers can also buy a more reasonable price when buying traditional ways such as: through the brokerage, intermediary, through real - time relationships that are likely to be played fairly high. However, at the super house for being examined for legal documents, it's certainly about the information that homes should be a safe address, reliable and reliable.

Homes services

Sieu Homes is a place that provides free real - estate design services, which is a medium - connection medium that connects businesses to real estate providers, utilities to potential customers.

  • Consulting, designing the seo real estate website design.

  • Post the land story ; project ; warehouse and workshop ; apartment building ; villas and adjacent villas ; houses ; home and resort ; other types of real estate.

  • Post pr, banner.

  • Post real estate news.

  • Real estate consultancy.

  • Search for free customers.

Why do you choose a real estate business with Sieu Home ?

Sieu Homes provides multi - channel solutions, consistent with the market, easy to synchronize and manage. From organizations, big businesses to individuals, households with business needs, trading, deposits, lease of housing, real estate can register the design of websites, participate in the sale and lease of real estate on the Sieu Homes ecommerce floor.

We are constantly changing, adapting and further efforts to become a large - estate connection, Viet Nam' s top reputation.

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