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Sieu Media

Sieu Media brings together all the best communication methods and projects to help businesses convey images of information to customers.

Sieu Media

  With the current developed society, the demand for human life is constantly improving. People are always creative for life to be full and comfortable. One of these is the need to exchange information and this is the cause of the media.

Media is the synthesis of channels and methods for businesses to convey images and messages to customers. Media includes traditional channels such as newspapers, prints, billboards,... and digital channels such as newspapers, televisions, computers, the internet.

With the strong development of industry 4.0 leads to the development of the e-commerce market. All media-related information and services are searched directly on the Internet. This is also the reason for the birth of Sieu Media.   

Sieu Media - A platform that connects businesses with customers

When a business/individual enters the business, the first thing to do is to reach customers, bring their brand and products to the public. In the past, when technology and the Internet had not developed access to audiences, consumers were very difficult, thanks in large part to the culture of buying, word of mouth, if you want to be known more, you can spend money to rent ads on TV channels, newspapers but it is not easy and costs a lot of money. Nowadays, the majority of users use the Internet so brands also gradually switch advertising, PR and marketing online. This reduces the cost of communication quite a bit. To meet the needs of TMS Holdings customers, Sieu Media has been created to help businesses reach customers in an easier and more economical way. 

Sieu Media is an intermediary platform that connects business people with customers. It is a place to provide services related to quality media, prestige and reasonable price.

Sieu Media is a place where businesses and customers can easily connect with each other. Make it easy for businesses to receive media services to promote their products and brands. Meet a variety of marketing needs of users. Provide customers with the best service experience and help businesses have effective business solutions through the Internet. With good services and support facilities included, your business can easily promote its services. Sieu MEDIA's technology allows for user-focused data filtering, helping to identify more accurate desires and needs to display the most relevant results.

The services Sieu Media provides

Sieu Media is a place to connect businesses and individuals providing services to implement media projects and utilities to users with high needs, prestige and quality.

  • Post advertisements and banners on Sieu Media.

  • Post information about media projects receiving services.

  • Post information about media projects.

  • Admin page for businesses and individuals providing services: create profiles to promote businesses, create and manage news about media project receiving services, create a list of products and services,... 

  • User membership page: view information about the service, save and track businesses, pay online,...

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