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Sieu Car

The location of purchase of motorcycles, cars, old and new trucks is prestigious, quality, affordable.

Sieu Car

The strong development of the e-commerce market, the purchase and sale of goods in cyberspace is no stranger. However, many people are still hesitant to buy high-value items online, but want a large address to choose, consider, refer to, especially necessary items such as motorcycles, cars. Understanding the psychology of customers, we have created a separate website specializing in buying and selling new and old cars and motorcycles. 

Sieu Car- Online Showroom of the Car

Sieu Car is an intermediary platform between businesses, car retailers, motorcycles and consumers. Where to provide quality, reputable, reasonably priced products.  Businesses have space to promote, their brands, and products, and retailers have the opportunity to reach more customers next to the outside store. Customers have more reliable addresses to shop for high-quality products.

  Developed by TMS, an online ecosystem so when you create a car sales website, the seller's products will automatically be posted on the website, so that the business / retailer will be sold on 2 channels without taking much time. Based on this advantage, the seller will bring the product closer to the customer.

With good services and supporting vehicles attached, your business can easily promote and sell cars and motorcycles. Sieu car's technology allows for user-focused data filtering, helping to determine more accurate desires and needs to display the most relevant results.

The products and services that Sieu Car provides 

Wishing to become a reputable and reliable address of customers when we want to buy a car, we are constantly striving and perfecting to receive the trust and love of customers.

  • Post advertisements and banners on Sieu Car.

  • Post information about car and truck care and maintenance services.

  • Post information about the types of cars, far from the load.

  • Admin page for businesses and individuals providing car and truck products: create profiles to promote businesses, create and manage news about car trading services, create a list of products and services,... 

  • User membership page: view information about products to view, save and track businesses, book cars, pay online,...

Sieu Car provides comprehensive and multi-channel solutions for car and truck trading services, in line with the rapid change of the market, meeting the needs of service users. From large organizations and businesses to individuals and households selling cars and trucks, they can join the Sieu Car e-commerce platform.


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