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Siêu Sàn E-commerce

The desire to give customers a shopping address for all the products and services you are looking for. This is also an opportunity for retailers and businesses to easily reach their target customers in a large "ecosystem".

Sieu San

Currently, as the internet is growing, society is gradually shifting to digital structure, the trend of consumers of products or services through online channels increases. Therefore, owning a booth or an e-commerce website to meet the needs of customers is indispensable.

Creating a website for business is not difficult, but it is also really not easy for beginners in the field - worry about relevant knowledge, the ability to build and manage, expensive costs,... or how to manage on old e-commerce floors cumbersome, inconvenient ...

Come to Super Sàn, no need to think much more, we provide e-commerce website building services, solve most problems related to the Website to be able to increase competitiveness, increase sales and grow the business.


Sieu San is the number one diversified e-commerce floor ecosystem in Vietnam. Provide booths ranging from employment, sales, real estate to services,... Bring solutions that optimize costs and resources for business website development. 

With a solid online ecosystem platform, integrating business management software and modern technology. Even if you're just a beginner, you can manage and develop your business model easily with simple operations on your phone and computer.

Founded by TMS HOLDINGS JOINT STOCK COMPANY with more than 13 years of outsourcing experience, Sieu San has been built, developed and perfected for 3 years and completely created by Vietnamese engineers with the mission "We are here to make life easier every day".

The team of design, information technology engineers is young, creative, dynamic, hardworking and eager to learn, with the contribution of experienced experts. We are proud to provide our customers with high-end SEO websites. Thereby, improving competitiveness and helping customers promote brands on the Internet.

How it works

When a seller joins the system, TMS will set them up a professional website booth worth hundreds of millions of dong outside the market. Depending on the field of seller activity, it is possible to create separate websites.

These booth websites are directly linked to SieuSan through the system.

For example, seller A participates in sales, TMS will set up for Seller A booth with domain name on this system integrates inventory import and export management software, there is a sales system at the counter, retail wholesale. In addition, the system integrates online payment of banks, credit cards, zalo pay, momo, qr codes and shipping units in Vietnam full of professionalism with an extremely cheap initial fee of only 1,000,000 VND for a single time. Seller A posts products to business, products are displayed on the website and at the same time displayed on the  

Thus, there is no need to spend too much time and finance businesses / individuals already have 2 sales channels. Besides, unlike other trading floors Sieu San allows to sell at many warehouses nationwide, convenient for customers to choose the warehouse they want to buy in accordance with their needs.

Because it is a closed system, Sieu San always wants to help and complement each other to develop, when posting a news about hotels, motels, homestays on sieustay. com is just below the post can push the news about tours, transportation,... And in TMS will suggest to you can be motels, community housing services,... Based on that, it can help customers quickly find the services and products they need and also motivate sellers to sell more goods. 


With its strategic vision, TMS HOLDINGS has built the E-COMMERCE FLOOR ECOSYSTEM - a multidisciplinary economic development complex, fully serving the needs and bringing the most optimal solutions to customers.

The SIEUSAN ecosystem includes:








Whether the customer is selling Sieu San products or services, they can support customers through activities:

Provide the optimal sales solution. Increase the competitive advantage for customers.

Consulting, designing websites, e-commerce websites with SEO standards, professionalism.

Hosting services, domain names, security certificates.

Develop and outsource Web software and applications.

Smart sales management solutions.

Warranty and maintenance of the Website.


Sieu San is proud to be a companion of thousands of large and small businesses in Vietnam. Provide the perfect sales solution for business owners. With the desire to bring the best to customers, bring a diverse e-commerce platform, to best serve the needs of customers. When participating in Sieu San e-commerce platform You will be:

Reach customers completely free through Super Sàn e-commerce platform.

Website design is completely free.

The technical team supports 24/7, promptly overcome all related problems.

Increase the competitiveness of the business with other competitors.

Easy brand positioning, promoting products/services quickly.

Do not have to worry about payment methods, shipping services because it is already integrated.

Allows sales at the counters 

Free commissions or withdrawal fees to bank accounts

Promoted marketing across all sectors of TMS ecosystem

There is a system of managing goods from materials to products 

Supported to drive sales

Sieu San's customer protection policy

In case there is a problem to be solved, customers can completely leave information, complaint content, TMS staff will always support the settlement so that customers have the best shopping experience. 

With damaged and distorted orders during delivery, customers only need to record video before opening the goods, TMS will have grounds to compensate for damage depending on the regulations of the carrier. 

Sieu San's Shop Protection Policy

On e-commerce floors, many booths, types of goods, it is difficult to protect their genuine products from being copied and sold at lower prices in order to entice customers and take down rival shops, understand this TMS has a form of sanction, shops please send evidence about the company for protection. Not only stealing ideas, but bad play behavior, unfair competition between shops if accused will also be handled in accordance with TMS regulations. 

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