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DVN E-commerce

The new e-commerce platform takes consumers to a new, prestigious, quality, fast- and reputable place to buy.

Fast Service 

E-commerce was all too familiar and close to everyone especially during the 2-year period of traditional business that was "frozen" because of the epidemic. E-commerce platforms become close friends, convenient and safe shopping channels for users. The pandemic has clearly driven user behavior on the digital platform and changed purchasing habits. Consumers often shop on familiar commercial floors such as shopee, lazada,... however, in Vietnam there are also new online shopping channels, many incentives, exclusive products and services. Fast Service (DVN) is a new shopping channel, created and developed by Vietnamese citizens, so it will understand the psychology and culture of people' purchases. 

What is Fast Service?

Fast Service is an e-commerce platform specializing in consulting, brokerage & distribution of electronic products, consumer goods, food services, entertainment, repairing houses and real estate exchanges with a variety of types of townhouses, villas, real estate projects in the Vietnamese market. 

At DVN, there will be all the products and services that you need in life. The most convenient and optimal for customers. 

As with other e-commerce platforms, Fast Service specializes in buying and selling products and goods posted by businesses/ business individuals. In addition, Fast Service also opens more services of assembly, construction and repair of houses that are very popular and trusted by customers. 

DVN also has very clear and thorough regulations on the quality as well as the origin of goods. Therefore, customers can be somewhat assured to send their trust to a new e-commerce platform. When making a purchase, you can rest assured because DVN has integrated 7 payment methods and 6 delivery units, convenient and fast, with high-value orders, DVN also supports 0% installments.

Customer protection policy 

 Absolute personal information security.  When each customer visits and logs into the website, the website will be able to save the IP address along with the customer's name. This information only exists during DVN web surfing. VN. When you log out of the website, the information will disappear on its own. We don't save the user's progress. Commit not to sell information or share it to a partner or third party. The policy of transactions paid by international cards and domestic cards (internet banking) ensures compliance with the security standards of payment gateway partners including:


• The Client's financial information will be protected throughout the transaction using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol.

• Payment information security standard certification (PCI DSS) provided by Trustwave.

• Single-use passwords (OTPs) are sent via SMS to ensure account access is authenticated.

• 128-bit MD5 encryption standard.

• Principles and regulations on information security in the banking and finance industry as prescribed by the State Bank of Vietnam.


- Transaction security policy in payment of applicable to customers:

• DVN. Vietnam provides token storage utility - chain-only encrypted by Partners

Payment gateway provided to DVN. VN. DVN. Vietnam does not directly store customer card information. The security of customer payment card information is carried out by the licensed Payment Gateway Partner.

• For international cards: Customer's payment card information that is likely to be used to establish transactions is not stored on the's system.

• For domestic cards (internet banking), DVN. Vietnam only stores order codes, transaction codes and bank names.

DVN upholds complaint settlement or return policies to maintain the trust of customers and protect the legitimate rights and interests of shoppers.  


DVN always prioritizes putting the interests of customers first, has been making every effort to improve to help serve customers in the best way. Absolutely respect the opinions of customers, the contributions of employees and the coordination of goodwill from partners. 

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