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Hsskdtthanhba hospital management application website software

The website simplifies and quickly resolves medical records and related procedures. Patients through the website can also go to look up and monitor the condition of themselves and their families.

Hospital Management Software

 The hospital is a busy and busy place. Doctors and staff always have to work hard. Patients are crowded, paperwork is something that makes people very headache, handled in the traditional way is time-consuming and ineffective, easy to lose or lose. Thanh Ba - Phu Tho District Medical Center has built a management website to easily grasp patient information and medical records, through which patients can also easily manage their medical information and have the best cure and care methods. 


Thanh Ba District Medical Center 

Thanh Ba District Medical Center is a class I medical non-business unit, under the Department of Health, the unit was established and put into operation from May 1, 2017 according to Decision No. 830/QD-UBND dated April 14, 2017 of the Chairman of Phu Tho Provincial People's Committee.  Providing technical professional services in Preventive Medicine; Medical examination and treatment of rehabilitation and activities to improve people's health in accordance with law.

Thanh Ba District Medical Center has a scale of 500 beds; With 374 officers, including 90 doctors. There are 5 functional rooms and 17 specialized departments. The center has spacious facilities, modern machinery and equipment located in the 25,000m2 campus located on the road of Provincial Highway 311, with an address in Zone 11 - Thanh Ba TT - Thanh Ba District - Phu Tho Province.

Benefits of using a hospital management app 

For the people.

Electronic health records help each citizen know and manage their own health information continuously, throughout their lives. From there, actively prevent diseases, take the initiative to take care of their health. When going to the doctor, through health records, the patient provides the doctor with health records, medical history and medical examination and treatment process quickly, accurately, fully facilitating the diagnosis and treatment of the doctor.


For the doctor.

Electronic health records provide the doctor with full information about the disease, medical history, risk factors affecting health, thereby combining with the current examination, the doctor has a more comprehensive assessment of the patient's health,  Diagnosing the disease more timely, more accurately, detecting the disease earlier, timely treatment when the disease is still in the early stages brings higher treatment efficiency, reducing the cost of medical examination and treatment of each citizen. Moreover, when information about the patient's health is smooth between the glands, it will help to better diagnose and coordinate treatment. Electronic health records help doctors take care of people's health continuously, comprehensively according to the principles of family medicine better.

For management

The implementation of electronic health records helps the health sector to obtain complete, accurate and timely data on people's health. This is a large health database of the industry that the synthesis and analysis of information data will help the health sector have very timely instructions on disease prevention in particular and get forecasts and policy making on protection,  take care of and improve people's health better because there is practical evidence, there is a more scientific basis.

The website with an easy-to-use interface to help Thanh Ba people easily access, monitor, questions about pathology can also ask the doctor for remote healing, for mild pathologies this can also be a solution to save time. Users can also go to the website to read health-related information. 



With the motto "All for the satisfaction of the sick". Action slogan: "Thoughtful - Friendly - Quality" Thanh Ba District Medical Center will definitely become a reliable health care address of people in Thanh Ba district and surrounding areas.

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