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Chonhagiau E-commerce

The place provides products created from well-known brands in Vietnam and around the world, ensuring origin and quality.

Rich Market 

Life is growing, life is improving, people often pay more attention to health and take better care of themselves and their families. That means we look for good products and services. However, the dilemma here is that there is a supply of high-quality products, clear origin but customers do not know but still buy fake goods, poor quality goods with the price is pushed up. Understanding these things, we have created The Rich Market to bring the most quality and prestigious products, helping customers have a luxurious shopping experience, far from traditional commercial floors. 

What is a rich market?

Rich Market (ECNG) is an e-commerce platform established in January 2020, established and developed under the motto "Affirming class" from product quality to production brand. All products and brands registered for sale on the website of The Rich Market are carefully checked for information. The seller on the Rich Market is required to meet 2 requirements: 

You are a brand owner or authorized to be a genuine distributor/dealer 

You are a company/ business household in Vietnam

Not only that, the products when put on the floor also have many regulations that need sellers to pay attention to such as regulations on: product image, Shelf life, certificate,... and some specific requirements for each type of goods. 

These strict requirements are aimed at protecting customers, helping products when received to the expected quality. Proving that The Rich Market is not only an e-commerce platform but also a place for you to send your trust. Giving the opportunity to the Rich Market gives you a high-quality life. 


With the slogan: "Rich in Compassion Market", ECNG will donate VND 5,000 to the "Vietnam Children's Fund" for each successful order. 


Reaching the Top 5 largest e-commerce platforms in Vietnam, is a reliable bridge between suppliers and consumers. Providing a variety of prestigious brands, certified quality products in Vietnam and internationally, contributing to improving the trust of the community in the e-commerce industry.



ECNG brings high-quality products to improve health and comfort of life. Build trusting relationships, long-term cooperation, and joint development. Ensure and commit to bringing customers quality products along with great shopping experiences.


Core Values 

ECNG with a customer-taking strategy is the top service goal, always evolving to serve customers in the best way and exceed customer expectations.

Build a friendly, professional and dynamic working environment so that everyone can develop to the best of their ability.

 ECNG builds for the community and develops for society. Constantly evolving, constantly innovating and always striving to be creative

ECNG absolutely respects the opinions of customers, the contributions of employees and the coordination of goodwill from partners.


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