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Mobiphone sim connection system

The desire to bring new experiences, improve the quality to experience high-speed Internet from 4G sims.

Mobifone 4G SIM connection system

We are used to using 3G sim cards, but the speed of data usage is quite slow. In the 4.0 era everything is fast, convenient, the use of 3G is no longer a top priority. Especially 4G has more superior features, people tend to switch to 4G use. Capturing the market all carriers in Vietnam have deployed 100% of 4G network technology, even about to have 5G. Mobifone is also not out, besides supporting 4G conversion, Mobifone also offers many attractive data plans for users to experience the difference in speed of 3G compared to 3G. 

About Mobifone and 4G sim project

MobiFone was established on April 16, 1993 as Mobile Information Company – the first enterprise in Vietnam to operate GSM 900/1800 mobile information service. On December 1, 2014, the Company was converted into MobiFone Telecommunication Corporation, under the Ministry of Information and Communications, doing business in the fields of traditional telecommunication services, VAS, Data, Internet & IPTV/cable TV, corporate customer products, information technology services, retail and distribution and foreign investment.

In Vietnam, MobiFone is one of the three largest mobile networks. MobiFone has built a strong foothold in the domestic telecommunications market as a solid brand in awards and rankings voted by prestigious domestic and international organizations for many years.

Possessing a diverse technology ecosystem and modern synchronous infrastructure, MobiFone always leads in mobile network quality in Vietnam. 

4G SIM connection project

According to the line of the era, Mobifone supports users to switch from 3G sim to 4G to help customers experience the sim of the new generation, Mobifone supports customers to exchange 4G SIM cards for free, receive more data incentives. Customers after exchanging mobifone 4G sim for free will be given 4G data to experience high-speed Internet within 15 days. After using up this free data, you can sign up for 4G Mobifone to enjoy comfortable high-speed network access. Here are some packages you can refer to for your favorite crickets. 

Why choose a 4G Mobifone SIM card?

Redeem 4G Mobifone sim for free: You just need to bring the original ID card to the nearest Mobifone stores will be 100% free of the conversion fee to Mobifone 4G sim, receive more incentives to give 4G Mobifone Data for free.

Experience many utilities such as watching video streaming with definition up to 4K, using virtual reality technology ...

Experiencing network speeds 10 times higher than 3G Mobifone, you will not have to spend time waiting for access as before.

To maximize the rights of Mobifone users, mobifone only offers 4G networks at the same price as 3G plans to save you monthly costs.


With strategic changes, MobiFone's vision is clearly expressed in the message "Connecting value, stimulating potential". This vision reflects our commitment towards inclusive and sustainable development based on three key relationships: with our customers, with our partners, and with each employee.



With MobiFone, our mission is to bring products and services that connect every person, family, business in an ecosystem where the needs of life, work, learning and entertainment are discovered, awakened and satisfied in order to achieve satisfaction,  Grow and be happy. Grow in awareness, in relationships, in business opportunities and be happy to be cared for, cared for, encouraged and satisfied. Growth and happiness are the driving forces of development of individuals as well as the whole society.


In addition, MobiFone is responsible for making a major contribution to the country's GDP structure, demonstrating the national position and image in the field of technology-communication-informatics.

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