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Portal of the Party Committee of Ha Tinh Province

Portal on all situations and events in Ha Tinh Province. Help people grasp the news given by the Party Committee of Ha Tinh province, through which the people can also give opinions - contribute to the issues to be solved, from which the Party Committee promptly solves, Ensuring the legitimate rights of the people.

Ha Tinh Provincial Portal 


The government website currently covers all information related to the economy, politics, culture and society in order to bring information to the people. However, Vietnam has 63 provinces and cities that cannot cover all information of all 63 provinces and cities. In order to be more specific and detailed about issues and information, provinces and cities have opened their own websites to bring more detailed and specific information to the people. Ha Tinh Provincial Portal was built to help Ha Tinh people grasp news about the fields in the province. 


The main information page of Ha Tinh people 

As well as other websites of the Government and provinces across the country. Ha Tinh Province's information page provides information on the following areas: Propaganda, Party inspection, Administration - general, Economy - society, Culture- arts, Science and Technology, Office, Organization. The main information page is the presence of Ha Tinh - every hour, every minute, every movement of the province is updated quickly and accurately so that the people and the Government know what Ha Tinh is doing, how to serve the country, serving the people. This is a strong transformation of the Party Portal of Ha Tinh Province while promoting the application of technology and social networks to reach more readers, hold professional press conferences and seminars, in-depth on each issue, absorb the opinions of the people,  doang karma,...


On the information page, there are always articles supporting patriotism, learning lifestyle and following Ho Chi Minh's thought, not only that, but also organizing uncle Ho contest with Ha Tinh to raise patriotism, strengthen knowledge about the Party, uncle and about local history. 


Ha Tinh people can go through the website to send comments and recommendations about the mailbox. The receiving department will receive and handle and solve the problem. In order for Ha Tinh to become more civilized, richer and more beautiful, contributing to making the country more powerful, each individual should well implement their responsibilities and legitimate rights to the construction of the country. 


Along with the current development trend, in addition to the official, fast and accurate information, the Party Portal of Ha Tinh Province, as well as other press agencies, must have a very diverse form and method of information communication, suitable for each group of readers in need,  habits vary, from agencies that require reference, lookup to those readers "read to know, to do, to monitor, to check".

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