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New Ha Tinh electronic newspaper portal

The latest and most accurate information on political, social events, security and order, culture-entertainment, sports,... in Ha Tinh province will be published in the newspaper "The new Ha Tinh".

New Ha Tinh 


Responding to the need to learn information about all social issues in Ha Tinh of the people, people who are abroad ha Tinh New website with fast and accurate information have provided hundreds of daily news to those who are interested. 


Ha Tinh social and entertainment website

Ha Tinh New online newspaper focuses on entertainment news and, multi-topics on: society, education, economy, entertainment culture, tourism, cuisine, sports, law, charity, news about the Central, the successful Nghe people and the world. There is all the information that you are interested in, quick, accurate. 


When visiting the page, you can easily find the information you want to see because all the titles are clearly displayed in each separate category with prominent colors and fonts. The information posted is the latest, fastest and highly accurate. 


Ad support page for businesses/individuals. The ad news will be displayed at the main interface, the right corner of the screen stands out, easy to see, creating a better effect with the audience.  


Although it is the website of Ha Tinh, Ha Tinh Tan also reports on the Central, mostly in the field of tourism and cuisine. Tourists who want to go to the central provinces need information about beautiful hotels, delicious restaurants, specialties,... All of them are newly exploited and provided by Ha Tinh to readers. 


Talents, studious examples, overcoming difficulties are favored by Ha Tinh New to put into a separate field called "Successful Artisans". As the name implies, people who have a good spirit of learning, work and have achieved achievements in their field have the opportunity to appear on the page. Besides, not only successful people are reported but the "heroes" who save people, have brave actions are also praised, become lessons of many people, help spread good things, noble gestures to readers. 


The goal is to become the largest news site, reaching more people, not only ha Tinh people and people who are interested in Ha Tinh and the Central but also readers across the country so every day the news is collected, searched continuously to bring the fastest information,  Uniquely, most accurately. Become a favorite news site for many readers.

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